Giveaway + Review: Kiss of love with L'oreal Shine Caresse

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Shine Caresse: a new-generation color for brilliantly shiny lips.

You know how lipsticks gives the too "made up" look, lipgloss tends to make your hair stick to your lips whenever the wind blows and how your boyfriend don't really want you kissing him when you have lipsticks or lipgloss on if not risking having a huge lippie mark on him? With Shine Caresse I can have pretty pinky lips while making out with my boyfriend all day without worrying about leaving a lipstick mark on him! :D

With Shine Caresse you can achieve natural pinky-lips, with 8 babydoll shades for you to pick from to best match your skin tones:


It's basically a lip tint + gloss that while moisturizing your lips- gives good full coverage color, last for hours and hours without the sticky and ickyness!

Shine Caresse is an exceptionally high concentration of moisture thanks to a unique formula made with 30% water and 60% oil for unprecedented freshness.

shine caresse6

The Shine Caresse foam applicator has a teenie weenie hole in the centre, specially designed to remove excess color as you apply! No more overly thick, gunky, sticky feeling, it leaves my puckers with a light, moist-look effect.

I find the feather-like applicator gives easy peasy application even without having to whip out a mirror, which is always a plus point especially if you just wanna touch up your gloss a little without having to run to the ladies and you don't wanna make it so "public" and sift through your barang barang for you mirror etc.


What I'm Wearing:  Venus, No. 600

Love this super wearable neutral pinky shade! Very natural and feels so nice on my lips! No more chapped lips too since the ultra hydrating ingredients in this liptint helps to hydrate my dry lips too. (:
Also it last FOREVER, usually I have to touch up my normal lippies every 30mins -1hour so i wouldn't risk having ghostly pale like- as if very sick kinda lips, but with this even after eating the pinky tint is still very visible, only no more gloss so if i want very glossy lips i'll touch up if not i'll just have natural looking pinky pouts which is still really pretty and most importantly, natural!


Natural pinky moisturized lips = kissable, no? (:
Heh, i like to apply the lip tint on my lips with the brush applicatior, and then use my finger to go around the rims of my lips to kind of "smudge" the tint a little so it looks even more natural that way.

shine caresse2

So pretty sooooo in love with the gold slick packaging

 Tell me you want them tooooooo~

Wanted something more natural for everyday use so i got Venus, No. 600 [on the left] but sometimes i would wanna switch things up a little and go for a bolder color with more character! So I also got the Loreal Caresse in Eve, No. 605 [the one of the right, pop pink]


What I'm Wearing:  Eve, No. 605


Big MUACKS for ya! *without the dreaded lipstick marks*

Shine Caresse is available at $18.90 each at Watsons, Guardian, SASA,
selected departmental stores and super hypermarkets .

Right now Loreal is having a "Capture Kiss of Love with Shine Caresse" picture contest!

All YOU have to do is: 
Submit a photo kissing your loved ones,
write a caption up to 140 characters, and get your friends to vote! 

What can YOU win?!
Most votes wins a 3D2N stay at Capella Singapore and a PAIR of ipad minis.
1st runner up get a PAIR of ipad minis.
Even the voters get the win! 1 Voter each from these 2 pools wins a Samsung camera each.

Exclusive for TheLuckiestChick Readers:

For the 1st TWO readers,
  1.  If YOU join the contest
  2. Print screen your submission & email to with the print screens.
On top of the prizes you might get to win above, you can win youself one Loreal Shine Caresse too, 
And I'm sure you will love it as much as i do! (:

 So gonna go submit my photo for the Capture Kiss of Love with Shine Caresse now!

So go join the contest and win yourselves some awesome prizes! 

*Winners will self-collect at Loreal’s office at 3 Killiney Road Winsland House #09-01
Singapore 239519 [ Opposite Orchard Central]
Contest ends 22nd March

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Nuxe Brightening BB Cream SPF 30 PA +++

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I was recently sent a tube of the newly launched Nuxe Brightening BB Cream SPF 30 PA +++ for review which is the first Brightening BB Cream. Are you interested already? :D
I think all singaporean girls are obsessed with whitening products! So i think this product would "raise lots of eyebrows" here. 

This BB cream is oil-free [yay for oily skinned girls like me and lots of you out there!] and Paraben preservatives. 

Tried and Tested by Yours Truly, I have tried applying by stippling it on with a Beauty blender.  
-The end results: Bright, Natural, Hydrated skin. 

I've personally tried and realized that for me it does not oxidize and turn into a darker shade like some base makeup do, in fact I have pretty tanned skin but yet it blends in perfectly and doesn't turn dull even 8 hours after application.

The silky, non-greasy texture will not clog pores, and it can be used for makeup base if you feel that the coverage is not enough for yourself, but personally I think the coverage is fantastic and for those annoying red zits that needs a little TLC [Tender Loving Coverage] in this case, use a cream/stick concealer to dab on them for a perfect flawless natural looking base.

The only boo-boo part of this product is probably the smell, which i personally did not feel was very pleasant, but I'm too in love with how good it looks on my face that the smell is easily overlooked. I guess it depends on personal preference too. I was raving to a friend about how awesome this latest product was but the only downfall was the smell and she took a sniff and commented that she kind of liked it and she did not find the smell unpleasant like i did.


By using the flowers extracts and natural mineral pigments, this BB cream not only covers imperfection, evens and correct your skin tone, but also whitens and provides 8-Hour hydration as it contains active substances such as Mallow, which helps maintains water within the epidermis. Hydration is key!

Nuxe Brightening BB Cream contains SPF 30 PA+++ to provide sun protection, I cannot emphasize more how in Sunny Singapore- sun protection is simply ESSENTIAL. 
While the Nuxe Brightening BB Cream protects your skin from sun damage, it also contains powerful brightening ingredients, it has green tea, Vitamin E to protect the skin all day long from the harmful UV rays while preventing the appearance of dark spots.

To achieve Bright and translucent skin, Brightening BB Cream SPF 30 PA+++ contains White Crocus and Daisy Flowers, which has powerful effects in de-pigmenting and brightening. 

But so far, I'm loving this new product and it's definitely be one of my must-haves!

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Lucky buys at ForeverNew!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The other day I was shopping at Forever New and I got lucky and found these babies on sale!


Gold X White case for my Iphone4! SO DAMN PRETTY! Love that it holds cards and coins too heh. Hahaha I'm seriously a klutz and i think this case would really protect my phone alot better, sometimes i can drop my phone like 3-4 times in a go. Butter fingers, yes.

And i found this Kindle case!!! Like seriously in singapore to find a nice kindle case is like striking lottery. Lucky me i was gonna order a kindle paperwhite case off amazon already, hahaha everywhere in singapore they only sells ipad cases so i was really lucky! White X Gold with a Gold Ribbon clasp tooo so pretty!


It's slightly too big for my new KindlePaperwhite but PERFECT fit for my old Kindle Keyboard thou. But i'll still use it for my paperwhite cos it's soooo pretty!

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Taiwan Winter 2013: 【台中】 INO Home。 Cafe。 民宿。

Sunday, February 10, 2013


I mentioned in my previous post that for our 2 nights in Taichung, we stayed in this Bed and Breakfast i found online called INO Home. As i said previously I don't like staying at places that has been discovered by others already, hahah i'm just boliao and stubborn like that, we had a tourguide/photographer/driver come pick us up and he was like "How in the world did you find this place?!"

 I've actually shortlisted two minsu for Taichung before settling for INO Home!
The other choice is also a Cafe X Bed and Breakfast at Forro Cafe:


I think staying at INO Home was one of the best decision I made for this taiwan trip. Leon and i both loved the ambience, the people, the food, the comfort not to mention how reasonable the price is.


It's really nice that it's located at a quiet residencial area and we could get back to this little piece of heaven after the whole day of shopping and delicious foodie places.




*Nose kiss & giggly us!*  

There's also movie screening at INO Home on Thursday nights- which we missed cos we were so busy nomming away at fengjia night market haha


Bed&Breakfast, They have two rooms available Room F &Room V. 
This is Room F. So apt! Hahah Room F for Fidelis!

Our stay there was SO comfortable, very roomy too with our two huge luggages. Has a DVD player too, we can borrow the DVDs from the cafe downstairs to watch if we want. (:
Hahah but we were so entertained by the tw variety shows as usual, who has time to watch DVDs!

Crabtree & Evelyn bath essentials provided.


And also breakfast for 2 is included in the room rate of NT2000/night, which is extremely cheap considering how awesome the breakfast is!!


Honey//Greek Yogurt//Berry Sauce & freshly squeezed juice


Food that is this photogenic, we were thinking omg it looks so good, wonder if it taste as good as it looks?
It's crazy delicious! I would fly back and stay at INO Home just to have these paninis again. The mash is da bomb. Even if a no-veggie kinda girl like me, i finished at least half of the salad and leon swept them all up. haha my favorite dustbin fiance.



Can i live in Taiwan? If I could get a good paying job there we would so move there this instance.


★ Stay: INO Home 

Taichung, Taiwan 403
04 2376 3353

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.


Saturday, February 09, 2013

Hello you!
GONGXIFACAI! Wishing you a ...
P1012110 copy
and that you'll collect lots of angpows and great luck for all your gambling rounds!
Lol, i personally am not really one for gambling, especially mahjong- booooooring.
I'd rather play something that lets me win fast and well let's face it, lose fast too, than mahjong which goes on like hours and hours.

This year we bought lots of flowers at the flower's market at Punggol Promenade, mummy spent like $160 for 9 plants lol, 4 for my grandma thou.


Got these lovely new succulents and replanted them in their new home just last night. Used an old jelly bean jar + twine ribbon = awesome new home for my pretty succulent! Upcycling, hell yeah! Got the white goblet style planter and added gold accents on the bottom portion and i'm loving it~

Love succulents, they are so easy to maintain forget to water them for weeks, no problem at all! Tough like cactus but without the pricks and looks so pretty. I'm weird but I actually really like touching and slightly pinching them, can never resist walking out of the flower markets without leaving with a pot or two succulents.

P1012104 (2)


Oh and there these adorable little sprouts/mini orange berries thing called Nertera Granadensis Astrid lol what a handful, they're sitting infront of my desktop in my room and Shirley came over to help me do gellish nails [lol, i know right no time to do cny nails at all, thank you love you love yoooou] and she was like asking me if i can eat those berries and i was like wts? would i like use my computer halfway then go hey i'm starving and start picking on the berries and snack on them? LOL i thinnnnnk it's non-edible btw.


I didn't get to see cherry blossom in tw so my mummy bought some home! Hahaha late bloomers these little ones, it's Chinese New Year's Eve! Time to wake up and open those pretty petals yo.


Oh do you know that when you "feed" Pussy-Willows AKA "Ying Liu" ice water/ice it blooms like craaaaazy and super pretty?! Hahah very proud to say that over the years my house has always had the prettiest blooming pussy-willows. So try this tip if you're wondering why yours aren't blooming as nicely as it should!

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Taiwan Winter 2013: Day 1 // Getting from Taoyuan Airport To Taichung 【桃园机场 》 台中】 // 一中街逛街!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

tai chung ino home3

Didn't get much sleep because the smelly fiance was still packing his luggage the night before till like 2am or so and we had to wake up at 530am to prepare to head to the airport! Raaaah love and hate morning flights, love getting to my destination earlier, hate that we gotta wake up so insanely early!

Hohoho, this time we had to bring 2 of our bigass luggages cos all the winterwear was extremely bulky, hahaha my luggage weight 19kg before even flying to taiwan. :x

Really can't stress enough that i'm absolutely not a light packer, hahah should have a challenge next time to pack 1 week luggage in a handcarry to see if i can stop myself from packing everything. Hahahah i'm the sort who rather have too much clothes to mix & match rather than not having.

Same goes to my makeup, toiletries, footwear, lingerie. LOL Leon was like giving me the "you're SO ridiculously nuts?!" face when he first carried my luggage into his car.


Went for breakfast at the Krisflyer lounge. Hmmm only the crossiant and toast is yummy! Hahaha but airport food what do you expect rightt


Heh relaxing while we're waiting to board the plane, bunnies say hello!


Super stoned no makeup face. Leon didn't wake me up early enough so I had to go barefaced. ):
Woooots plane is almost gonna take off and we're still instagramming!




Awwww hehe proudly declaring that his traveling with one family member. Ahem. Heh already?! Not yet hor! LOL He pretty much concussed before the plane took off, hahah it's hard for me to doze on when flying with SQ cos i always wanna catch all the movies/tv shows!

Watch this jappy drama with my favorite jap male actor and his favorite female jap actor lol.


Then i was watch the anima Wolf Children, very nice! But Krisworld got cut off while i was halfway thru it cos we were landing ugh! hate to not be able to complete watching my movie! Plus on my way back to SG i also forgot to watch! Wanted to watch it online when i'm back but i couldnt find it. ):

Anybody have any idea where to watch japanese anime movies? Comment and let me know if you have any idea alrighty? Thanks in advance!


Ahhhh airplane food. hahah veeeeery appetizing that I didn't even touch it hahaha infact i was throwing my rockhard butter-roll around..having fun and throwing it at leon and it just landed with a heavy THUD like a rock. -.-

 Hello beautiful sea of clouds!


 So cold it was frosting over!!! haha finaaaally landed and we exited the customs, turn left and that's the phone data plan company! We always get our data sim from 台湾大哥大.


Here's the rates! We took the 500NT plan which we can use up to 5 days with unlimited data. Plus we needed to make some local calls cos we would be meeting with leon's friends in our last leg of the trip in Taipei.


Usually from Taoyuan Airport 桃园机场 we would cab to taipei which would take about an hour, and about NT1000 is the usual rate to get to taipei city. You can also take the Freego Bus at the airport to get to Taipei City, waaaaay cheaper.

But this time round, we're heading to Taichung first instead!
It's my very first time to Taichung and I was having lots of mixed feelings about Taichung prior to my own planning, because I've always only heard great things about FengJia Night Market, so i always thought huh, take high speed rail ALL THE WAY JUST TO GO ONE NIGHT MARKET?! 

OH MAN HOW WRONG WAS I!!!! TAICHUNG IS AWESOME! Hahahah of course i will share why i feel it's so much better than taipei.

Also because it's faster to get to Taichung from Taoyuan Airport than from Taipei anyway, so here you go if you're planning to head to taichung and you have no idea how, the below will be very helpful! (:


When you get out of the customs, get your data sim, ask the phone company for the directions to take the UBUS to Taoyuan High Speed Rail -HSR.

[UBUS #705 ( ) NT$30]
Find the counter, buy your NT$30 ticket and wait! The bus frequency is regular so there's not long wait required. We bought our ticket waited like 2 minutes and we were boarding the bus already.

United buses (service #705) serve Taoyuan International Airport and Taoyuan HSR station. Taoyuan HSR station (not in Taoyuan City) is about 7 km away from the Taoyuan International Airport.  

Travel time: 15 to 20 mins.


[High Speed Rail ( NT$540]

Alight UBUS at Taoyuan HSR Station, buy your HSR ticket from machine or from counter also can. Can choose which seats you want for the HSR. Enter gate with ticket and follow signage to South Platform (not North Platform). 

You can go to the website to check their train timing and even book tickets in advance too. FYI, they have early bird discounts up to 30% so if you're on a budget trip, you might want to book early to take advantage of the discount!

Travel Time: about 40 Minutes


When you get on the HSR, there are areas in the front and back of the train cabin that you can leave your luggage, remember to clip the strap on to strap in your luggages, you don't want to leave your luggage rolling around the train cabin and hurting anyone!

Time to relax again! Watching him played some silly billy game on his ipad lol. kinda weird but i'm never EVER obsessed with games, hahah really tooooo much things to do normally.


WE'RE HERE! Muahahah look at my manslave luggage both our hugeass luggages around lucky he has extra luggage allowance for SQ if not we're DEAD! Hahaha cabbed to our minsu in Taichung.

Our minsu is AWESOME. I think it's hands off the best minsu i've stayed in, in taiwan. 

One that i definitely will return to stay in my next trip to taichung again. I really love looking for minsu that peoples generally don't know about. Even the guide/driver/photographer was asking me how i found this place because even he don't know about this place.Well there's always the typical hotel people would generally stay in, but i just don't want to do the same, haha i'm just stubborn that way.


Sneak peek at our room at the  民宿 in Taichung that we stayed for two very comdy nights.

While i was doing my makeup we smelt something sooooo good and we realized the minsu owners are making waffles! Leon immediately went to order one for us to share in my favorite combination ever Caramelized Apple & Cinnamon Waffles! Thank you baby! *Drools thinking of it

Smells like how i imagine heaven would be like. I don't think i will ever get sick of this smell. 


OMG Food that is that photogenic, it taste as awesome as it looks, yuuuuuuuuuums!

tai chung ino homeOutfit of the day! we're filled with delicious waffles so now we have to energy to head out to SHOP at 一中街!



Passed by this adorable shop along our minsu but didn't get to go and check it out cos i was so excited to go check out 一中街! it's a must-go for shopping!

Pssst. Shopping in Taichung is slightly cheaper than Taipei, for example i got this pair of booties in Taichung and i saw the exact pair in Taipei, same brand and all but about NT200 more expensive!



Eat Shop, Eat Shop. That's the life man! We had this 小僵尸棺材板 Errr direct translation, Little Vampire Coffin hahaha basically is fried toast with chicken or whatever you wanna put in for the main ingredient. Haha if i'm not raving about it.. it means it's like, meh. Nothing to shout about. It's alright, but not yummy enough that it's memorable. 

My next Taiwan Winter 2013 travelogue, that place is DEFINITELY worth shouting about.


Shop shop shop until KO! Hahaha it's not like we keep eating but this was pretty late that night already then we saw this cafe and decided to have our very late dinner here, Jane & Tony!


Kawaii mascots!


My darling manslave with his both hands full of my shopping bags, he's soooo sweet he was like go go shop and he never let me carry anything at all throughout the whole time. So sweet! Bonus Brownie Point!!! 

Freaking love taiwan and their cool, kawaii cafe culture.


Having a cuppa hot tea first while we decide what to order to keep warm cos it was getting colder at night! 

Lucky i got this pair of uniqlo glove for this trip, really a live saver! I have zero tolerance for the cold.. yet i can't stand the heat. Errr hahaha but the uniqlo glove was super warm and pretty looking too! Has these furry cuffs and i got it in camel which pretty much could go with any outfit. (:



His & Mine!


It was ok! Not bad but not awesome but it's an adooooorable cafe! Hahaha maybe it's pretty yummy but i wasn't in the mood already by then, shopped for hours and i was soooo tireed considering i had like 3 hours of sleep the night before and did not manage to sleep in the plane on the way to taiwan at all.

Heh, can't wait for my next post on Taiwan Winter 2013 travelogue! Yummy yummy food & very good ambience too. Till then, have a great week ahead! (:

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.